Loving King,
Your mercy is alleviating , your grace is openhanded, and your love is regenerate. All of these things we are so undeserving of, but your love is so powerful that it overlooks us where we are and sees us where you want us to be. Grant us the ability to accept your loving grace and mercy and it’s offspring (the Cross) so our lives can start to turn around for the better. In today’s world where there are so many “remedies” and quick fixes we recognize that the only thing we need is You. Lord, I now place my heart in your hand and grant you the ability to take out every negative characteristic and fill it with the fruits of your Spirit. I’m thankful that your love will recreate me and fill me with purpose that I may go away with a new confidence knowing I am loved regardless of the circumstance. Teach me to love like You that others may have a another chance at life like you have given to me.
In Jesus name. Amen.