Pathfinder Club


The Pathfinder Club is part of a worldwide Youth Organization sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was adopted by the General Conference Youth Department in 1950. The objective of the Pathfinder Club is to train and save our youth; therefore our Christ-centered program offers action, challenge, adventure and group activities that produce team spirit, fun, learning,comraderie and loyalty to the church.

The Willow Grove Chieftains Pathfinder Club is a part of this awesome organization. We have a well rounded program that is geared towards developing a balanced physical, mental, social and spiritual life in our youth. Our club meetings are held on the first and third Sundays of each month. Come and visit with us!!!!!!!!! you’ll see our youth engaged in outreach activities, (such as helping the seniors in our community, reaching out to the families of those who are incarcerated and sharing our faith from door to door). Drilling and marching, arts and crafts, nature walks, tracking and trailing, campouts, drum corps, special drill just to name a few.

The key to our success as a club is the dedication, and alertnes of our staff who is not afraid of the challenges offered by our junior youths who are full of noise and ceaseless activity, our early adolescents who are alert, but subject to daydreaming and our middle adolescents who questions everything and wants proof before they accept it.

We have now added to our staff a group of TLT’s. These are teenagers who are in Teen Leadership Training. We are positive that this group of nine youth will be able to bring fresh ideas to our program as they are being trained to be leaders themselves. It is our aim, and desire to make our activities so attractive that all of our youth will feel the need to always be a part of the club, either as a Pathfinder or a staff member.